Kentucky Banker Magazine

Advertising in the Kentucky Banker magazine offers a unique opportunity to reach top decision-makers within Kentucky's financial services community.
Exclusive Publication: The Kentucky Banker is tailored exclusively to Kentucky's dynamic financial industry. This exclusivity means that your message will be delivered to a highly targeted audience of professionals within the state's financial sector.

Broad Circulation: The magazine has over 1,300 dedicated subscribers who receive printed bi-monthly issues. This print circulation ensures that your advertisement will reach a core group of readers in a tangible format.

Digital Distribution: In addition to print subscribers, the magazine is digitally distributed to a wide range of financial institutions and professionals in Kentucky, including banks, legislators, bank service companies, attorneys, accounting firms, securities and investment firms, mortgage and insurance companies, and more. This extended reach maximizes your exposure.

Relevant Content: The Kentucky Banker focuses on delivering critical updates about Kentucky's banking climate, industry trends, and profiles of influential bankers in the state. By advertising in this context, your message aligns with the interests and needs of the readers.

Influence and Decision-Making: The magazine serves as a valuable resource for individuals who influence and make decisions within the banking sector. This means that your advertisement will reach professionals who have the authority to make purchasing decisions.

Enhancing Business Operations: Highlight that your products or services can offer solutions to enhance the operations of financial industry professionals. Emphasize the value your offerings can bring to their businesses.

Direct Reach: Your advertisement will be placed directly on the desks of industry professionals who are eager to learn about solutions that can benefit their businesses.

Easy Advertising Process: The provided Insertion Order makes it straightforward to initiate your advertising campaign. Please contact Nina Gottes at for inquiries, rates, and additional details.


2024 Sponsorship Guide

Sponsorship Guide 

Spring Conference

April 21-23, 2024
French Lick Resort & Casino
French Lick, IN

Spring Conference

Annual Convention

Sept 22-25, 2024
The Omni Homestead Resort
Hot Springs, VA

Annual Convention


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